Negative Attitudes & Drumming on the Internet

drums jazz russ miller Jan 03, 2016

Russ’ Blog - Nov. 2015

Negative attitudes and drumming on the internet

I have to admit, I’m not very excited about the whole “social” network thing. I

realize that I didn’t grow up with it and excepting anything “new” (especially something

that expects me to dance with it everyday) is not easy. But, it has surely become a

necessary in today’s market. A lot of the terminology also throws me for a loop. My

personal assistant is in her mid-twenties and is always on top of these things. I’m

usually asking her, “what does this mean?”. Awhile back, I was exposed to the term

“trolling” and I immediately went to her with a, “what’s this?” question. Of course, seeing

people be downright rude, inconsiderate and ignorant in the comments of internet

videos, was not new to me, just the term “trolling” was. For this month’s blog, I wanted

to ponder the “drummer troll” on...

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